Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking time out from your busy holiday schedule to stop by!  We've been busy over here getting the Christmas tree up and decorated.   Dear Hubs always puts the tree up (it's a live one) and we string the lights together, after that it is all mine to decorate. Now I admit that it's an ordeal to get everything out and un-packing the ornaments and decorations is a big TO DO and takes me most of the week to accomplish the task but this year I had a very special helper. I asked Dear Hubs to hang the balls on the tree (first time EVER), and he did such a great job (who knew?) I enlisted his help to hang ornaments! Now folks, this is a BIG deal for me since I was raised by my Mama who liked to do everything JUST SO. Yes, sorry Mama but it is true that each strand of tinsel had to be hung individually AND perfectly on each branch.  I don't put tinsel on my tree for that very reason. Any how, decorating went fairly fast and the tree looks wonderful and DH is very proud. I think he has a new job <wink,wink> in the future!
My sister and I were on Skype the other day and we were talking about ornaments and decorations. I gave her a little tour of some crafty Pinterest inspired  Check it out here.

 Pinterest inspired cone trees wrapped in tinsel and vintage buttons, covered in vintage dictionary pages.
                                                  Vintage buttons and tinsel trees.

Last year's Christmas ball project (also Pinterest inspired HERE) with the sequins hang on the chandelier with snowflakes and Pier 1 collectible ornaments.

Little Sunshine and Lollipops have been busy too! Here's some of their latest ornaments inspired by Pinterest.  Click on the red HERE to see the links.

Popsicle snowflake ornaments HERE. Instead of buttons we used sequins because these girls love bling! We added a bit of glitter too just for sparkle. They looks so pretty on the Christmas tree.

Pom-pom Christmas wreaths made from recycled cardboard. They painted the wreaths and glued pom-poms, each with their own personality shining through!

 The girls made snowmen and each added their own flair.  Above is Lollipops design. She added "snowshoes" for her snowman and snowflakes and scarf and hat she hand drew.
Little Sunshine: I can't draw a no-man Mimi! Mimi: you can use a circle punch! Sunshine; ok! Let's Do It!  SS: I can't drawn his nose Mimi, I don't know how! Mimi: yes you can, it is a triangle upside down.  SS: ohhhh.   SS: B has arms on her no-man!  Mimi: you can have some too, draw them. SS: I don't know how to draw them!  Mimi: make a line out to the side of each side of the snowman! SS: ohhh I DID IT MIMI!!!

Oh what fun it is to craft with these little ones!

Hope you week is going well and you are having fun crafting up a storm!

Bee Creative!


Anne Payne said...

I loved the Skype tour of your decorations, and R did a GREAT job helping to decorate the tree! Your grands did a good job with their snowmen :) You are a crafty Mimi, just like Moma was! xoxo

Susie Murray said...

Thanks Anne! Glad we were able to Skype and see each others decorations. It was fun!!