Thursday, October 24, 2013


  Hi Everyone!

 My SIL is in the military and was recently stationed in Grand Rapids, MI and so I had the opportunity to visit.  This was my first trip to Michigan and I was pretty excited to visit my family there, to see where they were living and explore the area.

 Just so happened there was an international art competition going on in the city called ARTPRIZE and we were lucky enough to be there to see the exhibits all around the city of Grand Rapids.  It was pretty impressive!  The top prize was $200,000!! So as you can imagine there was top notch art being displayed in the city venues.   We walked all over the city and visited as many venues as possible.  There was so much to see, each piece a masterpiece of ingenuity and creativity, my favorite pieces were made from recycled materials.  

This dragon was a centerpiece in the exhibit, it actually was made of recycled metals and it breathed fire!  this thing was HUGE.  

Tired Pandas made from recycled tires was among my favorites.

Tired Panda close up
This artist painted portraits of people in the crowd that he photographed on his cell phone, he incorporated each portrait into his work of art which created the images of the city and gave illusions of the downtown area.  It was an incredible work, standing in different marked spots on the pavement you could see different views of the city.  

These fabulous faces of Native Americans were carved from stone. They were incredible in the detail, absolutely exquisite works of art.  My favorite of all.

And then there was OVER THE BRIDGE......Please join me next Thursday  as we walk over the bridge and see what lies beyond.

 Until then....
Happy Travels!


Anne Payne said...

Looks like fun!

Corrine at said...

That thing is huge, would loved to have seen it in person. Really like the wood carvings....xox

Linda said...

Wow, such fabulous art. I'm looking forward to seeing next week's post. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Linda E.