Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hi Everyone!

My old laptop recently retired after 10 years of excellent service.  I needed to replace the oldie with more updated features. Skype, I’m all geeked up about THAT feature!! It drives my family and friends crazy because I want to Skype.  

Knowing that we would soon be traveling I wanted to get a nice laptop sleeve to protect and carry my new baby (laptop) in. Searching around locally and online nothing in the pre-made laptop sleeves appealed style-wise. SO, I Googled “laptop sleeves” and found the perfect pattern on Crap I've Made blog, you can check it out here.  I love the zippered sleeve, especially for traveling and loved, loved, loved the embellishment details! 

A quick check in the fabric stash and would you believe it, not a piece of fabric that jumped out!?! LOL! With time running out (only 1 day to sew) I dashed to Wally World (Walmart) and fell in love with a black polka dot on white background (love me some polka dots)and a printed black fabric (I know, ho hum...) When I got to the cutting table and was waiting F O R E V E R, I spotted a  lovely piece with orange hibiscus, gray palm trees and a bit of yellow mixed in. PERFECT. I ditched the black fabric. Gleefully I purchased fabric, iron on fleece and a nice long zipper (I went for the heavy duty jacket zipper) and rushed home. Later I found the orange dot fabric in my stash to use on the detachable flower pin.

I’m pretty pleased with the way my laptop sleeve turned out following the easy peasy pattern/tutorial.

 BTW, I made up my own flower pattern and it is detachable. Love the way it looks.

Oh, I lined the inside of the sleeve with the polka dots and each time I unzip the sleeve, it makes me smile!
Happy Sewing!

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Anne Payne said...

LOVE!!! I want one in a Rooster/Hen motif :)

Suzy said...

Thanks Anne! You'll need to send me the measurements for your laptop and I'll get right on that...hahaha. Seriously, it was such an easy pattern and fun to make. xoxo<3 u.

karelina917 said...

Very, very cute! Great job! :)

Heather said...

Love the colours you have used on for the laptop pocket and the flower just tops it off!

Design Originals by KC said...

Love your laptop cover! How clever :) The flower is AWESOME too! Kathi