Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi Everyone!

So this week I'm going to share something with you that I have been promising for awhile: my travel journal pages. The journal pages started as a way to avoid carrying tons of brochures and collected mementos home from vacation. With the cost of flying, baggage weight restrictions and extra cost to check baggage these were definite reasons to pair down extra goodies brought back home. Know what I mean?  This also forced me to cut down on art supplies, narrowing  down to (what I consider) the bare minimum, they fit into a pencil pouch (you can see a list HERE).  I take a journal and glue stuff into it as I go along, tearing images  from the brochures, painting or handwriting the days events onto the pages. I suppose you could relate this to a form of Smash Book if you like, only I was doing this years before that term or product was developed.

I hope you will click on the TRAVEL JOURNAL tab above and check out the first of my journal pages. I'll be sharing some with you weekly on Thursdays (OK, let's give it an official name like TRAVEL THURSDAY). You can check back each week to see what I've posted and I hope you will come often to visit and see where my journal has been. 

Happy Travels and Journaling!

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Carla said...

Nice. I like. I need to be better about writing a journal when I do travel. I forget things and the journal would help when I look at the pictures I take.