Monday, June 11, 2012

Out West

Hello Everyone! 

We've been out West! It took an entire day of vacation to reach our destination of Jackson Hole, WY.  When you step off the plane at Jackson Hole airport, you get a phenomenal view of the Grand Teton mountains. The ride into town isn't too shabby either!  Our hotel was located in the center of Jackson on the town square that's famous for it's elk antler/horn archways on the four corner entrances to the park. 
Here's hubby and I under the antler archway. We had a great afternoon exploring the shops and eating at a Mexican restaurant called Merry Piglets. The food was yummy and the prices reasonable, as you can see, we made short work of the appetizer plate before I remembered to take a photo! My husband fell in love with the flautas and I with the Twisted Cowgirl Dip. Yum!  
Lunch at Merry Piglets Mexican Restaurant
Take a stage coach ride around the city and learn about its history. We didn't do this tour, but it did look like fun! 
We took a ride on Sunday out to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, we hiked a little trail along the lake and made plans to come back and take the boat across the lake to hike the falls later in the week. 

  This is one of the most beautiful views of Jenny Lake from the south loop. The view and the altitude took this flat-lander's breath away!

Please come back and join me as we venture into Yellowstone National Park next week! 



Anne Payne said...

wow! so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes!!! one day I want to go there and experience that piece of God's majesty for myself :) ♥ you & miss you, sweet sister!!!

Suzy said...

There isn't a bad view anywhere you look! The Tetons are spectacular, I hope you get to go there some day and see this for yourself, really the photos don't do it justice. I <3 & miss you too.

Bonnie said...

What grand beauty. I have never in my life seen anything so beautiful. I think I could sit at the edge of that lake at gaze on those mountains for a very very long time. Contemplating the majesty of this place in person must be almost like praying.

Suzy said...

Hey,hey,hey there, MVBFF! So glad you enjoyed these photos, wish you could have been there to see this in person with me, it IS inspirational indeed. I hope you'll visit again to see the photos I'll be posting each week! xoxo