Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Valentine Love

Hello Everyone!

Valentine's Day was a week ago,  but I thought you might like to see some handmade Valentine cards made for those special people in my life.

                A vintage look made by gathering a rose tissue paper to make a ruffle along the  edges of the card.
                                  I gathered more pink tissue paper to give the heart an added dimension.
                                        I went for a Vintage Valentine with Modern twist look here.
                                                       This is the Sweet Heart Look.
For my girls. 

Hand stamped "lovelovelove" on background. Love Love Love the white XOX in white gel pen. 

I made these t-shirt nighties for my granddaughters. 
The gathered ruffles on the sleeves and hem are made from recycled t-shirts I cut up for this project. 

                                             The hearts are free-hand and hand painted.

 Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you had the opportunity to do something special for your loved ones too! 


Anne Payne said...

Awww...Those t-shirts are adorable! I know your girls look precious in them :) I got my card and it's SO pretty! Thank you, sister ♥u

Suzy said...

Thanks Anne! The t-shirts were fun to make! So happy you got your card and that you like it.

Artsy VaVa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now too! I tried to reply to your comment, but you have the no-reply turned on. You might want to turn that off so people can respond to your comments.

Suzy said...

Thanks! I'm so happy you are following me now. Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Frith said...

i love those nighties! how cute are they!

Suzy said...

Thank you Jenny! The nighties are so easy to make, if you have little ones that love to sleep in soft materials, these are perfect. My grand babies love them.