Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello Everyone,

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Did you make any New Year Resolutions? I've been thinking about resolutions for a few weeks now, haven't come up with anything I'd like to Resolve. It's always been the same old thing year after year for as long as I remember but I'm not going there this year. I've decided that I'm not making resolutions anymore. Maybe Resolutions will be Goals for now on.  Resolutions are easily made and just as easily broken. Goals are interestingly not that easy to make because you have to decide what goal you are trying to achieve in the first place: immediate, short-term, long-term or future and what your definition is of each time reference? So, what goals or resolutions are you making and how do you go about setting them?  I'm serious, my family didn't get "goal setting" in their toolboxes (read the post on Clutter for that definition). I'm convinced goal-setting is a learned skill but how do you go about learning it if your parents didn't teach you? Just a thought, I suppose there are books and of course the ever popular organizational web sites that can help one. Maybe my problem comes back to "organizational" skills again. LOL!  Well, here we are full circle. Maybe some day I will get it, until then, I continue merrily along my way without resolution or goals to start out 2012. Oh yea, eventually I have to look at the calendar and see what's happening......but for now, NO RESOLUTIONS! 

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Anne Payne said...

No resolutions here either only trying not to over-commit this year :o)